It’s Hot, It’s Humid, and You’re Miserable. Here’s the Solution.

Is the summer heat getting you down? Are you tired of sweating through your clothes and cranking up the A/C? There’s finally an affordable and eco-friendly way to stay cool even on the hottest days.

Introducing the Arctic Mini Air Cooler – the revolutionary personal air cooling system that’s taking the market by storm.

This compact and quiet cooler uses an advanced evaporative technology that doesn’t require any chemical refrigerants. It pulls in hot air, passes it through a water curtain to add moisture, then expels crisp, cool air back into your space. The result is a chilled, refreshing blast of air that can lower temperatures by up to 30°F.

And here’s the best part – it only uses as much energy as a lightbulb! This makes the Arctic Mini incredibly affordable to run all summer long. No more racking up huge electricity bills trying to stay comfortable.

The benefits don’t stop there. This mini cooler:

* Cools and humidifies without any chemicals or refrigerants
* Whisper quiet operation won’t disturb you
* Ultrasonic vibration vaporizes water efficiently
* Advanced air outlet design projects cooler air further
* Convenient top-fill water tank lasts for hours
* Portable and lightweight – perfect for home or office
With three fan speeds and an adjustable louvre, you can customize airflow exactly where you need it. The large tank provides hours of continuous cooling, and the built-in water filter keeps the moisture purified.
The compact size takes up minimal space and allows you to bring cooling relief anywhere – tabletops, countertops, desks, nightstands – the possibilities are endless!

You Really Need This



1 pcs + Free Delivery = GHC 350
2 pcs + Free Delivery = GHC 650
3 pcs + Free Delivery = GHC 950

Don’t waste another summer soaked in sweat. Take control of your comfort with the Arctic Mini Air Cooler!

Order now and get free shipping! Our supplies are limited due to high demand, so don’t miss out. Experience the advanced cooling relief you deserve and save on energy bills this summer. Stay cool, beat the heat, and order your Arctic Mini today!

We offer an after sales support, free delivery and payment on delivery.

And also note this: This Fan air cooler is not rechargeable, can be plugged directly to electricity, solar or power bank.

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