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Why Worry About the High Cost of Hiring Videographers or Video Tools 

When You Can Easily Record Your Contents Perfectly Anytime, Anyday with Less Stress & Less Cost

 I present to you “The Perfect Video Tool” that doesn’t cost much & helps you save a lot of money on content creation.


K2 Professional Vlog Kit

Record Your Contents without Spending Money Hiring Video Tools or A Videographer Anymore


Former Price = Ghc400

Promo Price = Ghc250

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FREE Video training on how to edit videos on capcut

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Experience the magical effect of our K2 Vlog Kit


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See What Our Customers Are Saying

It Works Like a Charm

 I have been considering buying camera accessories for a long time because I spend a lot hiring videographers and video accessories. I saw this vlog kit online and I ordered it. It comes with a good quality mic, a light (brighter than I thought it would be), phone mounts, carrying case for mic, you name it.


I’m impressed with the audio output

I used the microphone outdoors to stream church services using my phone. It worked without issue with my iPhone 12 Pro (using a 3.5mm lightning adapter). The wind cover for the mic filters out all wind noise beautifully. I’m impressed with the audio output

Mr Kamau

It’s Perfect. I love it!

Before I purchased this setup I did a lot of research online to know what to look for with vlogging equipment. There are so many different options but I focused on looking for a setup that would capture crystal clear sound, have a sturdy mount for my iPhone, and provide extra lighting. I found 2 out of the three, but this is the only one that has the stand (which allows you to fold up the legs and use it as a handle on the go), the lights, and the bracket to hold your phone. It’s all very easy to set up and thus far it has worked perfectly.


How To Buy The K2 Vlog Kit

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Order Today & Get 2 FREE Gifts + 40% Discount 0n The Vlog Kit + FREE DELIVERY

An Average Videographer Charges Ghc1,000 for shooting and editing 30secs – 1-minute short videos

As a content creator, you are expected to create at least 10 pieces of content monthly 

Ghc1000 X 10 = Ghc10,000

Now, be sincere with yourself…

Can you afford 10,0000 every month for content creation?

Even if you can afford it…

Are you generating enough revenue from your content to be able to sustain it?

Well, for most people, the answer is no

Especially if you are just starting out

That’s where our vlog kit comes in

Congratulations All YouTubers, Podcaster, Musicians, TikTokers, and Content Creators 

You don’t need to spend a fortune or borrow money to create amazing videos anymore 

All you need is our Cutting-edge K2 Video Kit that’s designed to elevate the quality of your content and simplify your recording process

It’s the Perfect Video Kit for All Your Content Whether Indoor or Outdoor:

Multiple Use Tripod Stand

The Vlog Kit features a clever foldable design, perfect for table settings in a newsroom, podcast, talk show, or YouTube video. Its versatile foldable legs also double as a convenient handle, making it a breeze to carry while capturing those memorable moments on the go when you’re outside.

Capture Perfect Angles with the Swipe of a Finger

Thanks to the Vlog remote control, you won’t have to stress manually adjusting your device while recording. The Bluetooth remote control serves as a trigger to take photos or start recordings in the distance with greater comfort, without having to go to your smartphone

No Electricity Needed. Useable With Battery

You don’t have to worry about low battery or wait for light to charge before shooting. Just insert your battery into the battery slot, turn on the camera, and start recording on-the-go

Ultra-Bright Light for Clear & Sharp Videos

Illuminate your videos like never before with our ultra-bright light. Achieve professional-looking results even in low-light conditions. The LED light is equipped with 36pcs ultra-bright LED lamp beads and a 5600K color temperature and offers 3 adjustable brightness levels.

Shotgun Mic with Amazing Noise Reduction Features

Say goodbye to unwanted background noise and hello to crystal-clear audio with our top-of-the-line shotgun microphone. The microphone features a cardioid pickup pattern and comes with a foam muff to reduce background noise, wind sound, and vocal plosive, ensuring clear sound reproduction.

Universal Phone Holder for Steady Recording

Effortlessly integrate your smartphone into your content creation process with our reliable phone holder. Compatible with various devices, this holder keeps your phone secure and stable, allowing you to focus on delivering engaging content without worrying about shaky shots.

20 Meter Reach

The microphone features a cardioid-wide pickup range of 20 meters of accessible reception making it suitable for shooting videos from afar

Compatibility with IOS, Android, Laptops & Cameras

It works perfectly with IOS and Android phones. It’s also compatible with cameras and Laptops too. 


The Video Kit is multipurpose and can be used for any type of content, whether music, skits, podcasts, YouTube videos, webinars, live streams, TikTok contents or what have you

More Reviews From Our Happy Customers

Must-Have For All Vloggers

This is all we need to become a Vlogger. The product is good and of high quality. Recommend for purchase.


It is Worth the Money

This setup is easy to put together. It has quality light and a steady camera shot. I think it is totally worth the money for the complete set you get.

Mrs Maina

Fantastic Item!

I didn’t have high expectations for the mic but it picked up sounds from upstairs like it was right beside me. Fantastic item!


Record Your Contents without Spending Money Hiring Video Tools or A Videographer Anymore


Promo Price = Ghc250

Order Today & Get 2 FREE Gifts + 40% Discount 0n The Vlog Kit + FREE DELIVERY

FREE Video training on how to edit videos on capcut

worth Ghc1000

FREE Video training on how to edit videos on inshot

worth Ghc1000

FREE Delivery

worth Ghc100


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